Rain in the Woods

Today started out with rain. We sure have needed it. Now I am wondering at the  timing of it all.  God surely has a plan. Jim and some of the boys – Jer, Seth and Andy are all roofing today. Our son-in-law Terry may even come over and help.   My dear, sweet dad is even getting in on the work. The guys are roofing a house for a widow lady in my dad’s church. I am praying all goes well.

Jer’s wife Lisa and their son Skylar are here while the guys are roofing. It has been fun to spend some time with my grandchildren. Last week I was at Hillary’s spending time with their four little ones and many days our daughter Lois and their little Lexi would come over.

Life is full. There seems to be so much happening. With eleven children and their spouses and children there is no end to all the activity.

Jesse and Rebecca are getting some much needed R&R. Jesse was able to get to the Reds games in San Diego. We would watch on the internet to see if we could see him in the crowd. Jess and Rebecca will be celebrating their third anniversary next month. Where does the time go? My grandma used to say that. Now I am a grandma and I know what she meant.

We have been hearing messages on end times and Bible prophecy at church lately and it has been a bit unsettling. I know where I am going but I am so burdened with loved ones and friends for whom I am praying.

It takes very little imagination to get mental pictures about what this world will be like and look like without the presence of the Holy Spirit. I would encourage you to read your Bible more- especially Revelation. You can listen to some of the messages that I have been hearing and blessed by if you go to Fellowship Baptist Church’s web site.

This week Jim will be preaching for my dad while my parents are on their vacation. Dad and mom will be visiting my brother Ken’s church. There should be some good family discussions. Dad and mom visited a prophecy conference this week.

Watch for more updates.

Don’t forget to study the Word of God so you will know the truth. Share what you learn with your children.