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Sunday Services

On Sunday someone picked up Pastor White and Pastor Evans around 8 AM. They both preached and then had lunch at the church. They were then on the road for four hours to a little town on the Indian Ocean. They visited little huts and then had an open air service. After the service they started their long trek back to Bangkok. They stopped on the return trip for something to eat at a little hut along the side of the road. They finally arrived at their hotel in Bangkok around 1:30 AM.

We at home are really missing them but are so thankful for these opportunities to serve and get a better idea of the needs and prayer requests. There is no better way to get to know the hearts of the pastors and develop a real love for the people than to see them where they live.

Thank you for your faithful prayers and support that have made this trip possible.

March 7, 2009 Update

Hi everyone,

We are really missing Jim around here. He sent a note that he and his party reached their destination safely and will be ministering in there. They are in restricted areas so we can not share specifics but please keep them in your prayers.

We will share more when we can. Thank you all for your faithfulness in praying for Jim and Pastor White and our families while they are away.

Remember Mrs. White and her children as they carry on in their church and homeschooling while praying for the leader of the family while he is gone and sick and preaching the Word.

Mission Trip 09 – March 4 update

I talked to Jim this morning and he still is coughing a lot. Please pray for him. Pray for Pastor White, please. He is sick too and has high blood pressure. The Lord has shown himself strong even in their weakness. Many ( hundreds) have received Christ as Savior.
They went to a prison yesterday. It was much different than our prisons. The Lord did a real work in hearts of prisoners.
Pray for Pastor and Mrs. Nono as they serve tirelessly and faithfully. There has been a ongoing funeral in their church this week. This is a week long event and very draining but also a great vehicle of presenting the gospel.

Thank you for your prayers.

Mission trip 09 update

Jim wrote me this morning a few hours ago and I thought I’d tell you about his day. He was in Larcalota at the mission house Saturday and Sunday. They (he and Pastor White) have the air conditioned room. They both woke around 2 in the morning on Saturday. Hopefully they slept a little later Sunday.  Jim spoke in the morning service at Pastor Nono’s church on Sunday and Pastor spoke for Sunday School. Pastor White preached in the later morning service and both Jim and Pastor White were going to preach in the evening.  I haven’t heard yet how the evening service went but there were 34 salvation decisions in the morning service. Praise the Lord.

Jim asks that we continue to pray for his throat. He had a scratchy throat and cough when he left and it has not gotten much better. Let’s pray that God heals his throat and strengthens him for preaching. Pastor and Jim will likely speak four times each today (Monday) in the Philippines already. They will go to the schools that we told you about last year. This is a wide open door. The children are very attentive and eager to hear the gospel. Pray that God works in their hearts and that the guys would be strong in voice and that God would give them the message that He wants them to share.
They are enjoying temperatures in the 80’s.

Jim mentioned that he and Pastor White and the Nono’s had lunch at the  restaurant that we went to last year where they served pork chops and fish head soup.  As I am not a meat eater my meal there last year was – rice but I did indulge in the banana candy. Jim said he wanted to get me some but figured the ants would have it before I would.

Thank you for your faithful pray support.

The Trip Has Started

I am in Jackson, Michigan.

I had a wonderful time last night with Terry, Hillary, and the boys. I think the greatest part of the trip is getting to see my grandsons for a little while. They are growing up so fast.

I preached last night for Pastor White at Fellowship Baptist Church. We love the folks here they have been such a blessing to us and to our children (Terry and Hillary).

Hillary and the boys will take me into Jackson this morning for a few last items, a stop at Hinkleys (a great doughnut shop) and hit the coffee house. We will take a doughnut and coffee to Terry and then off to Pastor Whites house.

I will be leaving Pastor Whites house at 11:30 a.m. Our flight leaves Detroit at 3:30 p.m. We will arrive in Japan 13  1/2 hours after we leave Detroit. We will have about 2 hours later for the Philippines. We will land in Manila about 4 hours and 15 minutes after we leave Japan. Which is around midnight in the Philippines on Friday night.

I just want to thank every one who is praying for our trip and I especially want to thank the dear folks that God has allowed me to shepherd at Grace Baptist in Ottawa, IL. They have been such a blessing to our family. If it weren’t for the gracious giving I would not be able to be a part of this exciting trip. Be assured I will be praying for you.

I will update as often as I can get to a computer.

Blessings, Jim F. Evans