Mission Trip 09 – March 4 update

I talked to Jim this morning and he still is coughing a lot. Please pray for him. Pray for Pastor White, please. He is sick too and has high blood pressure. The Lord has shown himself strong even in their weakness. Many ( hundreds) have received Christ as Savior.
They went to a prison yesterday. It was much different than our prisons. The Lord did a real work in hearts of prisoners.
Pray for Pastor and Mrs. Nono as they serve tirelessly and faithfully. There has been a ongoing funeral in their church this week. This is a week long event and very draining but also a great vehicle of presenting the gospel.

Thank you for your prayers.

One thought on “Mission Trip 09 – March 4 update”

  1. We pray daily for you all! Thanks for being a committed servant of God. We miss you but appreciate your efforts for the Gospel in missions work! Hope to see you back safely soon. Wednesday nights are going well; we’ll finish “Make your own Statement of Faith” series this coming Wednesday. We usually have 8 or 9 attending. More people come for choir practice than show up for prayer meeting/Bible study. “Why is that?”, I wonder.

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