18826_10206463162234860_8110359649817384910_nJim has started turning pens. He talked about it for a few years. At Christmas last year he received a box from his dad and step-mom and was surprised to discover his Christmas gift was a hand turned pen from his dad.

Now you may not know it but Jim was not raised by his dad but by his maternal grandparents. He only met his dad again on his wedding day when his dad agreed to attend the wedding. ┬áLater, Jim and his dad would be reunited when Jim Sr. came for a visit. Our visits with Jim’s dad were scattered with much time between as we were in the business of raising our children and pastoring. Jim Sr. also lived many hundreds of miles away.

Well, this past spring we (Jim and I and Andrea) were able to spend some days in Jim’s dad’s home in the Carolinas. What a treat that was. Jim and his dad spent a good part of their time together in Jim Senior’s shop turning pens and things. It was so fun to watch them communicate with nods, comments and knowing glances even though they have only spent a very short amount of time together. They are so much alike and look so much alike.11033127_10153491383593184_552883536678421539_n

It was something very special. We thank God for working in our lives. Dad and Susan are godly followers of Christ and Dad even is part of a prison ministry and the music ministry in his church.