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Beautiful days of summer

We took a little drive today. Jim normally would have been working but we all caught colds and his worse day was today. He resisted the idea of calling in sick but knew he could not function as he was. So, after a good long night of sleep we took a little drive and got some ice cream. When we got home Andrea had made fresh bread for us. Yum!13724088_964415866991156_6138248487258257178_o

At the end of this week we will spend a few days with many of our kids camping in southern Ohio. I have a feeling we will all be a little rowdy, crazy and I’m hoping we will not offend those camping nearby.

One thing about our family – we are many!  The other things are those mentioned – crazy, loud, annoying, and we all love to eat.  One thing that Chelsie, Hillary, Lois, Jesse and dad have spent a good deal of time talking about as we made plans for our trip was food. We are going to do all our cooking in the great out of doors and every meal and snack has been planned.

I can’t wait to be together and love on all my kids and grandkids. I want to see their faces, look deeply into their eyes and try to find out for sure how they really are.

I want to tell them I love them and find new things out so I can pray for them and encourage them.

I am a little surprised how fast the summer if flashing by. I’m already imagining the cold days of winter and wondering how the Lord will supply and direct.

More to follow about the great Evans’ Family Adventure in Ohio.


18826_10206463162234860_8110359649817384910_nJim has started turning pens. He talked about it for a few years. At Christmas last year he received a box from his dad and step-mom and was surprised to discover his Christmas gift was a hand turned pen from his dad.

Now you may not know it but Jim was not raised by his dad but by his maternal grandparents. He only met his dad again on his wedding day when his dad agreed to attend the wedding.  Later, Jim and his dad would be reunited when Jim Sr. came for a visit. Our visits with Jim’s dad were scattered with much time between as we were in the business of raising our children and pastoring. Jim Sr. also lived many hundreds of miles away.

Well, this past spring we (Jim and I and Andrea) were able to spend some days in Jim’s dad’s home in the Carolinas. What a treat that was. Jim and his dad spent a good part of their time together in Jim Senior’s shop turning pens and things. It was so fun to watch them communicate with nods, comments and knowing glances even though they have only spent a very short amount of time together. They are so much alike and look so much alike.11033127_10153491383593184_552883536678421539_n

It was something very special. We thank God for working in our lives. Dad and Susan are godly followers of Christ and Dad even is part of a prison ministry and the music ministry in his church.

Rain in the Woods

Today started out with rain. We sure have needed it. Now I am wondering at the  timing of it all.  God surely has a plan. Jim and some of the boys – Jer, Seth and Andy are all roofing today. Our son-in-law Terry may even come over and help.   My dear, sweet dad is even getting in on the work. The guys are roofing a house for a widow lady in my dad’s church. I am praying all goes well.

Jer’s wife Lisa and their son Skylar are here while the guys are roofing. It has been fun to spend some time with my grandchildren. Last week I was at Hillary’s spending time with their four little ones and many days our daughter Lois and their little Lexi would come over.

Life is full. There seems to be so much happening. With eleven children and their spouses and children there is no end to all the activity.

Jesse and Rebecca are getting some much needed R&R. Jesse was able to get to the Reds games in San Diego. We would watch on the internet to see if we could see him in the crowd. Jess and Rebecca will be celebrating their third anniversary next month. Where does the time go? My grandma used to say that. Now I am a grandma and I know what she meant.

We have been hearing messages on end times and Bible prophecy at church lately and it has been a bit unsettling. I know where I am going but I am so burdened with loved ones and friends for whom I am praying.

It takes very little imagination to get mental pictures about what this world will be like and look like without the presence of the Holy Spirit. I would encourage you to read your Bible more- especially Revelation. You can listen to some of the messages that I have been hearing and blessed by if you go to Fellowship Baptist Church’s web site.

This week Jim will be preaching for my dad while my parents are on their vacation. Dad and mom will be visiting my brother Ken’s church. There should be some good family discussions. Dad and mom visited a prophecy conference this week.

Watch for more updates.

Don’t forget to study the Word of God so you will know the truth. Share what you learn with your children.

Good morning from my perch in the woods.

I have been pretty busy lately. I have been getting settled into our new church and home. We moved in December but went to Mexico to see Jesse and Rebecca the end of January. We were getting on a plane to come home and found out that our son in law Terry had fallen and had a serious head injury. I went there for a few weeks to help out as Hillary was doing a lot of running to the hospital and I was able to help watch the children.

When Terry began to feel more like himself I went home. Just a short time later I went back as Hillary was due to deliver their fourth child soon. Baby Colton was due mid-April but took his time.

Our son Tim’s wedding was the 29th of April and so on the 27th we headed for Maryland for the celebration. We were just getting to sleep after the wedding ceremony and we received a call from Hillary that she was in labor. We were set to leave for Michigan at seven in the morning – only a few hours more….but around 5 AM, Terry called to say Hillary was about to have and emergency C-section. We were all greatly rejoicing when Colton Lee arrived safely weighing 10 pounds and 14 ounces!!

We drove straight to the hospital and found our precious children and our eleventh grandchild safe and happy.

Soon after Hillary was feeling strong enough to manage her family I returned to mine.

Just a day later Jim was in the hospital with gall bladder complications. He ended up staying 10 days and finally had his gall bladder removed and he is now getting his strength back and is back to work.

I am so happy to be home again and Andrea and I are trying to make up for lost time doing school work. Andrew will have to do his catching up a little later. He is busy working this summer. Seth is working right now with Terry doing docks.

I keep wondering what normal is like and wondering if I will ever know…..


New Oldies!

We are happy to be settling in to our new home and church family. We moved to Lawrence, Mi. the week before Christmas and we have been so busy every since. We love our new church family. Such sweet people – you really should come for a visit. We have room for guests in our little house in the woods. There are lots of bedrooms and a nice warm wood burner to keep us cozy on cold nights. You might want to give us a little heads up just to let us know to reserve you a room. 🙂

Jim loves his new job driving buses for ISD. He even has a little wood shop but so far has had little time to do any wood working.

Melony loves her new home and is still homeschooling Andy and Andrea. She enjoys getting to play the piano at church and just making new friends.

Thank you for praying.

I just spoke to Jim tonight and they are having a great day. Of course it is Tuesday there and he had a great sleep last night. He actually slept till 5 AM. 

The services were great both Sunday and Monday. There were hundreds of salvation decisions in the tent revival and in the schools. 

Jim preached a message entitled, “When Your Brooks Dry Up”. I have heard it before and I can see how God would use such a message. I wish I could be there. I would like to ask you to pray for Pastor White. Both Jim and Pastor White are very sick with colds and sore throats. 

They will soon be traveling to some other countries where the gospel is restricted. Please pray for wisdom for the pastors and that God will give them protection as they preach there.

Both Pastor White and Pastor Evans will be preaching in schools four times and then again in the evening at the tent revival.  They are also preaching at the school for national pastors. They will certainly need God’s strength and healing to accomplish this.

It is so exciting to be part of this work that God is doing in the Philippines.

I will try to write more in the morning after I talk to Jim again and hear about the Tuesday night revival meeting.

Philippine Trip

On Monday, February 25th we headed for Michigan to deliver some of the children to their various care providers. We are so thankful for them. We could not have been part of the traveling team without the faithful care of the ones who took over for us in the parenting department while we were gone.

Lois and Andrea stayed with their older sister Hillary and their brother-in-law Terry and their nephews, Riley and Wyatt. Timothy was a guest in the home of the Duncan Family near our daughter.
Jim drove on down to Dayton, Ohio with Seth and Andy to stay part of the time with their older brother, Jeremiah and their sister-in-law Lisa and their boys, Rayne and Skylar, then on to visit the Stanley Family.

We began our long flight on Wednesday the 27th. After many long hours in our seats, visiting with team members, eating, sleeping, watching movies and generally being bored we finally arrived in Manila. It was the middle of the night when we arrived and the city was alive with people. We were immediately aware of the huge contrasts of the city.

There were large and beautiful buildings and right next to them habitations of the squatters, make shift homes put together with simple reclaimed items. There were people young and old in the streets and many places of business opened all night.

We were met by an group from the church to deliver us safely to our home away from home. It was a hotel away from the heart of Manila that was perched on the side of a hill with a wonderful picturesque view of all of Manila.

The view was worth a thousand words, as they say. We stayed here for about a total of two weeks, with a break between the two for a trip to Negros.

One of the things I noticed first about the Filipino people was that they are diligent. I saw so many people sweeping, men, women and children. I told Jim I wanted to bring one of those brooms home and hang it where I would be reminded of the hard working Filipino’s. Another thing that stood out was their warm and friendly way. The people were so kind and friendly. When we went shopping the people who worked in the stores were constantly greeting us with, “Morning Mum, morning Sir.” The Mum only sounded like Mum. It was just the way they pronounced the mam.

The Filipino people are very easy going people.

This was evident in the way they drive. They drive with much fewer rules of the road than we American’s have but when there are many in a crowded intersection with no specific rules they all seem to work it out with little fan fair. I heard many horns beeping but not yelling or angry looks.

We loved the mangoes and bananas and the banana candy tasted so good to me, just like dates. The fish was good and I think Jim would say his favorite were the mango shakes.

The times we spent in actual focused ministry were totally wonderful and eternally rewarding.
When we stood before crowds of several hundred in school meetings, the children were totally receptive and appreciative. When the gospel was presented in its simplicity the children and adults listen with great interest. When the invitation to trust Christ as personal savior was given, hundreds prayed a simple prayer in unison, with sincerity and earnestness that made my heart pound in my chest.

I can tell you I felt such joy in presenting hundreds of Bibles one at a time to eager hands and happy smiles. The children then asked us if we (Jim and I and other team members) would please sign them. We did and included our life verse after our signatures. I can also tell you that I felt such shame and sadness when I ran out of Bibles. Why could we not have taken more?

When we were in the homes and churches of the Christians we were treated with great kindness.

We went to the Philippine’s to minister and encourage but we came away being encouraged and ministered to.

There are too many things to write about but if you would like to ask questions simply send me an email and I will do my best to answer any questions you might have about our trip.

It is so nice to see the sun. We are getting settled into our home and enjoying the small town of Grand Ridge, Il. We moved into our house here in February but then left for the Philippine’s. We returned just in time for Easter and things have been moving pretty quickly since.
We had much to do to make the house livable as there was no running water or even water lines when we bought the house. We have those nice little “extras” now and we are expecting the counter tops this week. That means we will also have the blessing of a kitchen sink and dishwasher. I have learned what order these things happen in when you start from the ground up.
We have been doing dishes in the bathroom sinks and creatively preparing meals so as to use as few dishes as possible.

Yesterday, we had a missionary from our church – (meaning one our church supports financially). He and his family are serving in the Czech Republic.
Greg and Debby Nichols
They had a wonderful presentation and teaching time. Greg is a wonderful teacher and Debby is an awesome musician. She played accompaniment as she sang solo, a song she had heard earlier in the week. It was a real blessing. My only frustration was that so few of our people were able to stay and hear their presentation. It was truly the highlight of my week. I learned so much about missions, cross-cultural situations and even church history. I so look forward to going and visiting them in their home.


New Home – New Ministry

Dear Praying Friends,
We are so thankful that the Lord is so good to us. We have lived in the most awesome, beautiful home for the last 6 1/2 months and now we have just found out that we will need to move. The folks that were renting to us were able to sell their house. This was a huge answer to their prayers and we truly rejoice with them. At the same time this means another move for the Evans’ Family.

Thank you for your prayers for God’s direction. Jim will also be speaking at Grace Baptist Church of Ottawa, Il. the last Sunday of August. This could mean that God will take us to minister in Il. or it may just be another step in the trail. Only He knows for sure right now.

Melony is at Pine Trails Camp this week for Jr. High week (this is the camp where Jesse and Chelsie have served all summer). Jim is on the road delivering trucks and having many witnessing opportunities.
Lois, Tim, Seth, Andy and Andrea are also helping out at camp and loving it.

Please remember Melony’s parents as this is a transition time in their lives as well.

Serving and Loving It,
Jim, Melony and family