It is so nice to see the sun. We are getting settled into our home and enjoying the small town of Grand Ridge, Il. We moved into our house here in February but then left for the Philippine’s. We returned just in time for Easter and things have been moving pretty quickly since.
We had much to do to make the house livable as there was no running water or even water lines when we bought the house. We have those nice little “extras” now and we are expecting the counter tops this week. That means we will also have the blessing of a kitchen sink and dishwasher. I have learned what order these things happen in when you start from the ground up.
We have been doing dishes in the bathroom sinks and creatively preparing meals so as to use as few dishes as possible.

Yesterday, we had a missionary from our church – (meaning one our church supports financially). He and his family are serving in the Czech Republic.
Greg and Debby Nichols
They had a wonderful presentation and teaching time. Greg is a wonderful teacher and Debby is an awesome musician. She played accompaniment as she sang solo, a song she had heard earlier in the week. It was a real blessing. My only frustration was that so few of our people were able to stay and hear their presentation. It was truly the highlight of my week. I learned so much about missions, cross-cultural situations and even church history. I so look forward to going and visiting them in their home.