Thank you for praying.

I just spoke to Jim tonight and they are having a great day. Of course it is Tuesday there and he had a great sleep last night. He actually slept till 5 AM. 

The services were great both Sunday and Monday. There were hundreds of salvation decisions in the tent revival and in the schools. 

Jim preached a message entitled, “When Your Brooks Dry Up”. I have heard it before and I can see how God would use such a message. I wish I could be there. I would like to ask you to pray for Pastor White. Both Jim and Pastor White are very sick with colds and sore throats. 

They will soon be traveling to some other countries where the gospel is restricted. Please pray for wisdom for the pastors and that God will give them protection as they preach there.

Both Pastor White and Pastor Evans will be preaching in schools four times and then again in the evening at the tent revival.  They are also preaching at the school for national pastors. They will certainly need God’s strength and healing to accomplish this.

It is so exciting to be part of this work that God is doing in the Philippines.

I will try to write more in the morning after I talk to Jim again and hear about the Tuesday night revival meeting.

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  1. praise the Lord for His work and yes, we will be praying for Jim and Pastor White

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